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False Accusations

An allegation of a sexual offense can be devastating and navigating the legal system when you have been falsely accused is frightening. When you have T&T Investigations on your side, we will work closely with your attorney and assure your case is approached intelligently and aggressively. We will contact nationally known experts and any other resource that may assist your attorney.

Why are false accusations made?

Very often child sexual abuse allegations are made following a child custody dispute, bitter divorce proceeding, attention seeking behavior, new step parent/relationship enforcing boundaries and causing resentment by the child, prior sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health issues, and adverse reactions to medications.

The fastest growing area of criminal prosecution is internet sex crimes, and the downloading, possession, sale or distribution of child pornography. The fact is that sometimes incriminating images can get onto a computer's hard drive via pop-up advertisements. In other cases computers have been "hijacked" without the owner's knowledge and used as a station for the transmission of child pornography. Sometimes the images come from " legitimate" adult porn sites. Sometimes people click on a link by mistake. There are even more issues when several people have access to the same computer.

The next question is: what if you did download child porn? You need an experienced attorney and investigator who have worked in the field of sex crimes for over 10 years. We will provide you with the resources that may assist in the process/plea agreement/sentencing phase of your case.

Adult sex crimes, if convicted, can lead to a lifetime of trouble including lifetime registration. We want to ensure your sexual assault or rape case receives the treatment it deserves. Sex-related charges are a serious matter and we believe we can help.

Once the word "rape" or "date rape" is out, you can't take it back. There are times that false accusations have been made because a cheating spouse or partner got caught, the accuser is angry and wants to get even, regret or remorse after an night of drinking, or mental health issues. An investigator can seek the truth and assist in strategizing your defense.

Why do you need a good criminal investigator?

Here are some important considerations. We do not work for the prosecution or the defense. Although you may hire us to assist in your case, we are here to seek the truth. Finding the truth leads to your best possible defense. What you expect from T &T investigations is this:

  • We will do an investigative review of the discovery file; police reports, victim/witness statements,
    crime scene examination, laboratories, etc.
  • Initial defendant interview
  • Crime scene examination, including diagram, and photography.
  • Victim/witness background investigation
  • Report of the investigation, team strategy, locates expert witness, and testifying.

We value your life. The investigator is a tool in the criminal justice system designed to seek out and uncover the truth. We are not a judge or jury, simply an objective and impartial practitioner of truth and justice

Finding the Truth


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