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About Renting or Leasing a GPS Tracking Device

Did you know every hour of every single day a teenage driver is tragically killed in a car accident? GPS systems have opened a new avenue to parents looking to keep their teens safe. GPS systems allow parents to monitor, supervise and provide guidance to their teens both behind the wheel and in their day-to-day lives. It's no secret that teens drive one way when parents are in the car versus when they're not. With these products it's as though you're sitting next to your teen whenever they're driving! Keep your teens out of danger. Do you Suspect your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend of infidelity? Wondering if your employees are using your vehicles for personal use? Need a travel history of your limo, taxi, bus or other vehicles?

Here at T & T Investigations, LLC, we can offer you the service of renting or leasing any of several models of GPS tracking devices:

We Have two types of tracking devices for the Vehicle. One is a "passive" device (small pocket sized) and the other is "real time". A passive device only records the data. When you're ready, you remove the device from the vehicle and download the data to your computer, and view a map showing where the vehicle has been. The other type is a "real time" tracking device that stays with the vehicle allowing you to monitor where the vehicle is at all times , on you r PC or Laptop in "real time".

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A Note about GPS:

These products are designed to be used ONLY in a lawful manner. These products are NOT to be used to violate federal and state laws. GPS tracking of individuals without their knowledge may be prohibited in some areas under certain conditions. T & T Investigations, LLC will not be held responsible for inappropriate use of these or any other products.

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