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Our Services

Criminal Investigations

We can assist the police department with your criminal investigation and protect your interests. We will ensure that all investigative measures are initiated and all investigative avenues are explored. If you are the subject of a police investigation, we can provide you with information to assist in your defense. We will work tirelessly with your defense attorney to uncover all witnesses and evidence that could assist you.

Mitigation Support

We possess clinical and information-gathering skills and training that most lawyers simply do not have the time to do. We take the time and have the ability to elicit sensitive evidence (e.g. family sexual abuse) that the defendant may have never disclosed. We have the skills to recognize child development issues, consult with experts in the area of congenital, mental, or neurological conditions and, to understand how these conditions may have affected the defendant's actions and behavior. We will assure that the client obtains therapeutic services that render him cognitively and emotionally competent to make sound decisions concerning his case.

Litigation Support

The type of support services offered will depend on the needs of the attorney and may range from research and documentation of facts and precedents before a case comes to trial, or assisting in the determination of damages on a case that has been tried.

Fraud Investigations

All businesses in this age of computerized management and accounting systems face the risk of serious financial losses. The loss of assets or earnings through theft, embezzlement, fraud or employee incompetence has become a growing problem for businesses today. We can assist management in substantiating suspicions in order to curtail the activity.

Background Investigations

Our pre-employment and background investigations are comprehensive and reasonably priced. We offer businesses a wide-ranging pre-employment package that can include drug testing information.


Domestic investigations can be emotionally distressing. With our background in counseling, we are qualified to guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation and offer resources to help you deal with the results of the investigation. We conduct surveillance of spousal or teen activity. If you suspect elder abuse we have the equipment needed to record activity and stop the elderly abuse.

Missing Persons

Locating missing persons is a specialty. We can find missing persons anywhere in the United States. Locating missing persons is a challenge and we welcome the challenge.

Domestic Violence Investigations

Please call us immediately to discuss your situation in full privacy, call 602-615-6627

Wrongful Death Investigations

Please call us immediately to discuss your situation in full privacy, call 602-615-6627

Attorney Services:

We have worked with attorneys and law firms during our twenty-five years in the criminal justice system; therefore we understand the challenges and diversity you face daily. We have developed service strategies specializing in your unique needs. We can make a strong case for using our specialized services. Our primary goal is to help our attorney clients serve their clients more effectively with the highest degree of professionalism. We give you more control of your time by allowing us to handle investigations, witness interviews, collection of evidence and more. We would be happy to show you how T & T Investigations can help you.

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  • Missing Persons
  • Domestic Violence Investigations
  • Wrongful Death Investigations

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